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Group Ice Rink Rentals

From corporate parties, family gatherings, to private celebrations, the Ice Rink is available for your group of 15+ people!

Two options to best fit your needs!

Option #1: Private Ice Skating Rink Rental is ONLY available while the park is closed to the public (Monday - Thursday 8am-3pm from Nov 25th - Dec 19th)! *Hours subject to change

  • $500 per hour

  • Ice Skating Tickets for up to 100 guests!

  • Includes ice skate rentals!

  • Private use of the Ice Rink

Option #2: Purchase bulk Ice Skating Rink Tickets for your group and take advantage of discounted rates! Includes ice skates! Ice Skating Tickets are good for one UNLIMITED skating session! Session ends once you leave the ice rink and lounge area. *No exclusive use of the Ice Rink!

  • 25 Ticket Group: $325

  • 50 Ticket Group: $600

  • 75 Ticket Group: $825

  • 100 Ticket Group: $1,000

If you'd like to book the Event Lounge to your event, please see the details below:

When you rent the Event Lounge, every guest receives a ticket for an Ice Skating session (no exclusive use of the Ice Rink):

  • $1,000 Rental Fee

  • 3-hour private use of the Lounge space

  • Ice Skating Tickets for each guest

  • Skate Rentals included

  • Covered space for up to 100 guests

  • Table and Lounge Seating

  • Event Server

  • Beverage and Food Catering available

  • No outside catering permitted

Fill out the form below to get a quote.

3 easy steps:


  1. Request your quote by submitting the form below

  2. Approve your quote

  3. Have fun!

Group Rentals
  • Ice Rink fits up to 100 people at once!

  • Ice skates included

  • Private Rink Rentals while the Park is closed to the public

  • Bulk Group Tickets available at 25, 50, 75 or 100 Tickets at discounted rates

  • Ask about the Event Lounge to make your event complete!

Ice Rink Regulations:
  • No Outside Food or Drinks allowed

  • No Ice Chests

  • No pets

  • No unattended children under age 8



Thanks for requesting your quote! We will be in touch shortly.

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